Hubzilla is a stable, robust, community maintained platform capable of communicating with many federated networksHubzilla
Zap is an experimental minimal platform being developed by Zotlabs to prove out new versions and features of ZotZap
Domain Name
Choose Capacity
Personal1-325 GB$5.95$55
Family / Friends1050 GB$10.95$105
Small Community / Group5075 GB$17.95$150
Large Community / Org200150 GB$33.50$300
Village500200 GB$56.78$550
Town1000300 GB$107.77$1000
City2500400 GB$212.12$2,100
Bigger City5000640 GB$444.00$3,888
Personal1-325 GB$3.95$40
Family / Friends1050 GB$7.95$75
Small Community / Group5075 GB$13.95$125
Large Community / Org200150 GB$27.50$260
Village500200 GB$42.50$400
Town1000300 GB$77.70$750
City2500400 GB$144.00$1,400
Bigger City5000640 GB$250.00$2,555
Select software. is a service designed to ease the technical burden of running Zot open source software.

The service was created in recognicion of the fact that there are many decentralized platforms out there to try and even seasoned DevOps professionals don't always have the time to fiddle with the specifics of getting a particular package up and running, let alone maintain it.

By making it super easy and affordable to spin up, manage, and maintain Zot instances we hope that more people will give it a try.

We provide fully managed Hubzilla and Zap hosting, including:

All at a cost less than typical for a DIY VPS.

Terms of Service


Zot.Host is operated by Allied Social LLC, A California, USA company. This agreement and the services provided are governed by the laws of California and the United States of America.


Processing Time

Software deployments are highly automated, however to prevent fraud and abuse, each account is manually reviewed before deployment.

Basic Domains

Some packages include "basic" domains at no additional cost. You must pay annually to receive a free domain. The gTLDs included as "basic" free domains varies slightly depending on upstream pricing. Once you have secured a free domain, it is included for as long as you maintain an account in good standing. If you decide to discontinue service you may transfer your domain anywhere you like.

Premium Domains

If you have ordered a premium domain, we may wait until funds have cleared before placing the order with the upstream registrar. We are not responsible for any domains that become unavailable in the intervening time. If this is a concern you are always welcome to bring your own domain from another provider.

Naming Restrictions

The following restrictions exist for domain/host names that we will host:

We also reserve the right to reject any names that we feel are bad for our brand, or may cause confusion.


Monthly Accounts

Monthly accounts renew on the day of the month that services were ordered. Accounts ordered on the 28th-31st day may vary slightly depending on the number of days in a month.

If the charge fails we will try again after 24 hours. If that fails we will try again in 3 days. If that fails we will try again in 7 days. Past due accounts may be suspended. You will then have 14 days to make payment before all contents and backups will be deleted. There is a $15 reactivation fee for suspended accounts.

Annual Accounts

Annual accounts renew 30 days before the anniversary date of signup.

If the charge fails, we will try again after 3 days. If that fails, we will try again 15 days before the anniversary date. If that fails we will try again 2 days before the anniversary date. If the balance still has not been paid by your anniversary date, your account will be suspended. If you have a domain with us, the domain will be suspended as well. We do not control the timing of domain suspensions, they are controlled by the owning registrar of each gTLD. You will have 30 days to make payment before all contents and backups will be deleted. There is a $45 reactivation fee for suspended accounts. Suspended domains require additional fees.

Instance Size

If your instance regularly goes over the allocated resources for your selected instance size, your plan will automatically be upgraded. Resources are measured as load average.


Any additional space beyond the included free space is charged at $0.05/GB/mo. Backups are included for FREE in all plans.


You may cancel service by disabling renewals from your control panel. If you wish to terminate immediately, open a support ticket. All sales are final and you will not be refunded for any unused portion.

If your account is terminated due to ToS violation you are not entitled to any refund.


We place the following restrictions on any content hosted on our servers. You are responsible for policing your users.

If you or your users have items for sale, they must conform to standard US payment processor rules. Most notably this means no weapons, fireworks, alcohol, cannabis, or other restricted items.


We perform regular continuous backups of all databases and files

Managed Hosting

All software is installed and regularly updated by our administrators according to your selections. You have full administrator access inside the Hubzilla, Osada, or Zap software. You can add any apps ("addons"), themes, or widgets you like. You may add custom repositories upon request.

Limitation of Liability

Although we perform backups and take precautions in line with industry best practices, we are not responsible for any loss of data or service due to disaster, hardware failure, human error, software bugs, hacking, or other attacks.

We have DDoS protection on all of our servers but we do not guarantee that this protection is sufficient to prevent degredation or loss of service due to an attack.


We do not look at or care about your data unless someone reports a ToS violation. Most data is encrypted on disk and in database and so is opaque to us. Backups are additionally encrypted.

We only use your email address for account management and service notification purposes.

We only use your name for billing purposes (and possibly for legal reasons).

We do not store your payment information. We use token-based systems, and rely on Stripe to store the billing information.

We may be required to provide access to your data under US court order. Unless we are legally prohibited from doing so, we will notify you if this happens.

Zot is a federated web message transport, identity, and discovery protocol created by industry veteran and eccentric Australia ranch dweller Mike Macgirvin. ( not affiliated)

Although the envelope is very different, the inside contents can be formatted similar to ActivityPub, by using ActivityStreams. Unlike ActivityPub, Zot is not permenantly tied to a DNS record.

The most talked about feature of Zot is Nomadic Identities. This feature allows you to restore your account and contacts to a new provider even if your old provider unexpectedly goes out of business, so long as you have backed up your identity private key and contacts (a simple download).

Learn more